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Yazin Alirhayim


My religion plays a big role in my life. Some of you may not think religion matters all that much, and others still might practice it while not really thinking about it in any deep sense.

My relationship with religion is different -- I feel like I really get it. I firmly believe that the "right" religion should not only help its followers attain inner peace but it should also make them a net better person. And I feel like Islam does that for me.

I feel like everything I do, whether it's the work on Machine Learning, or payments or whatever it is .. at the center of all of that is the belief that I wish to better myself -- and as a result to benefit humanity at large.

I feel like the perception of Islam is seriously messsed up these days. Between the Muslims ashamed to tell people they're Muslim, and those that think all Muslims are terrorists .. it pains me to see how the same religion I believe in and practice has been so wrongly portrayed .. to the point where it's unrecognizable.


At the heart of Islam is the Quran, a 1,384 year old book that captures God's words to us. It's like a manual for all Muslims. My belief is that the lessons in the Quran can not only help Muslims, but any person, become a better individual.

The quran comprises of 114 chapters for a total of about 611 pages. Here's a breakdown of the chapters I've gone through so far:

Disclaimer: This is a description of my understanding of the verses in the Quran, and not the real true meaning of the verse. My understanding changes over time -- I see many things differently than I did 3 years ago, and my understanding can (nay, it should) evolve with time. Think about how your understanding of the role of parents changes as you grow -- first as a kid, then a teenager and later as a parent yourself. Your understanding evolves with time. The true meaning of the verses however, does not. I make absolutely no claims that this is in any way a resemblance of the true meaning of the verses. Instead, this is really just meant to be a record for me -- a notebook of sorts, where I think over the meaning verses and try to glean valuable lessons with which I hope to apply to better myself.