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Previous work on Solar UAVs

3 minute read

This is something I probably should’ve done from the get-go. Here, I review previous work done on Solar UAVs and how they can help me get this up in the air ...

Intial wing design parameters

2 minute read

The purpose of this step is to come up with some sort of initial design for the aircraft wing. This would include span, chord and airfoil shape — as well as ...

General guidelines for wing design

3 minute read

We’ve already decided we’re going to be using a fixed-wing body. Now, before proceeding with desigining an efficient plane structure, I was able to do some r...

Aircraft forms

2 minute read

Before we try finding the optimum design parameters for a plane, we need to decide on a lift vehicle form. The most popular is the fixed wing “aeroplane” des...

Motor Efficiency

1 minute read

In this post, we discuss what things you need to consider when picking a motor for your efficient aircraft.

Sleeping 2 hours a day

4 minute read

I’ve read alot about polyphasic sleep in the past (even hearing that it was inspired by da Vinci) and I found it captivating. In this experiment, I attempt t...

Thomas Edison: The wizard of Menlo Park

6 minute read

Wow — never has a book changed my opinion of a person as drastically as this one did! I had always known Edison as the man that invented the light bulb, but ...

Dyson: Against the Odds

6 minute read

I liked this book alot. James Dyson is a household name and the story of how he went through life in the unfavorable entrepreneurial conditions of the UK is ...