Hey there. The name’s Yazin Alirhayim, and I’m trying to figure out this SaaS thing.

Over the years, I’ve watched along as many people I follow have gone on to start successful SaaS businesses — well, I’m done watching. It’s time to pull my sleeves up and get the work done.

My Goal

To reach $5,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) within 4 months (inspired by Nathan Barry’s Web App Challenge)

My Pledge

  • I pledge to do everything humanly possible to get this off the ground. Yes, this is going to be a full-time deal.
  • I want this to be the most transparent project in existence. I will share everything on this site, and I do mean everything. My hope is that the stuff I’m writing here will help someone out with their own attempt to create their own business.


A big part of the inspiration for this project is the work of Nathan Barry. I originally discovered Nathan’s work through his book Authority, but later read up on his journey to create a SaaS business. However, at the time he started his business, Nathan already had a pretty hefty following (~50k+ subscribers, if I recall correctly). I don’t. That makes this challenge slightly different and — I’m hoping — more applicable to you.

Attributes of the Business

  • Bootstrapped > Funded. This means it’s imperative to reach cash-flow positive as soon as possible. That means paying customers, from day one. It’s the only way you get to own your future. Look for inspiration in Basecamp , Nathan Barry and Jason Cohen . Also, read PG’s default alive or dead piece .
  • Transparency or GTHO. This isn’t your garden variety transparency. I mean complete transparency in everything — from revenue to learnings; the whole 9. I think it’s absolutely essential for the reason, and allows you to remain focused on the metrics that matter. That way, you can’t lie to yourself about what is/isn’t working. Think Buffer , Convertkit .