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The Trouble With Optionality

4 minute read

What if amassing options to no end isn’t the optimal choice beyond early childhood? I explore the topic of optionality, why it’s bad and what to do about it


2 minute read

Sometimes, getting it all down on paper helps me think through things. This is that, a complete brain dump.

Getting started with Flutter

1 minute read

It used to be that you needed to know Kotlin and Swift to develop apps for both Android and iOS, but those days are long gone.

The best bank in Bahrain … is Meem

4 minute read

Yes, that’s right. The best bank in Bahrain is … Meem. This nomination will be especially shocking to those of you that read my last post that ripped the Mee...

The Meem app: it sucks

3 minute read

If you’re a “digital only” bank like Meem, the app your customers use is all they see: it’s like a virtual 🏦 branch.