Here’s where I try out random things that push me to get better somehow. Experiments typically last between a week and a month, and involve me doing something new. They vary in difficulty, but the idea is to push myself to get better.

  • Losing 100g everyday. After several recent vacations (and food binges). I’ve always thought small changes done regularly are better than big changes done occasionally. So here’s my take on it. Duration: 1 month. Started: 13 Mar 2017. Status: ongoing

  • Powdered food for 2 weeks. I’d heard alot about Soylent (and Huel, in the UK) as a form of food that covers all your nutritional needs in just one powdered drink. Easy to make, cheap and nutritional — sounds like an experiment! Duration: 2 weeks. Started: 16 Jan 2017. Status: success

  • Sleeping 2 hours a day. I’ve read alot about polyphasic sleep in the past (even hearing that it was inspired by da Vinci) and I found it captivating. In this experiment, I attempt to take this to the max, and sleep on just 2 hours a day for a month. Duration: 1 month. Started: 15 Dec 2016. Status: failed

  • Tracking every minute. The title says it all. I got the idea from a friend who’s been doing this thing for years and thought I’d try it out for a month. Duration: 1 month. Started: 19 Sep 2016. Status: success

Note: Have an idea for an experiment you’d like me to try? Hit me up