The best bank in Bahrain … is Meem

4 minute read

Yes, that’s right. The best bank in Bahrain is … Meem. This nomination will be especially shocking to those of you that read my last post that ripped the Mee...

The Meem app: it sucks

3 minute read

If you’re a “digital only” bank like Meem, the app your customers use is all they see: it’s like a virtual 🏦 branch.

Example: You’re fat!

4 minute read

This is the first in a series of examples where I explain how you can use the solving problem method I described earlier.

Solving Problems

1 minute read

A decade ago, I worked at General Electric. GE is a huge company (300k+ employees) that operated in a myriad of fields from banking to media, to the field I ...