Losing 100g everyday

3 minute read

After several recent vacations (and food binges). I’ve always thought small changes done regularly are better than big changes done occasionally. So here’s m...

Powdered food for 2 weeks

2 minute read

I’d heard alot about Soylent (and Huel, in the UK) as a form of food that covers all your nutritional needs in just one powdered drink. Easy to make, cheap a...

Sleeping 2 hours a day

4 minute read

I’ve read alot about polyphasic sleep in the past (even hearing that it was inspired by da Vinci) and I found it captivating. In this experiment, I attempt t...

Tracking every minute

1 minute read

The title says it all. I got the idea from a friend who’s been doing this thing for years and thought I’d try it out for a month.