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Build the plane again

6 minute read

After the first failed attempt, I was able to retrieve the plane from the tree (using a rope and a bag of sand to pull the branch down):

Are Your Lights On

1 minute read

I can’t remember who recommended this book to me — I had the impression I’d first read about it on Paul Graham’s site but when I searched through I couldn’t ...

Build the plane

3 minute read

Having already decided on the airframe we’ll be using, the next step is to test it. However, the large plane that I ordered is going to take close to a month...

Design attributes for plane

3 minute read

We already know we’re going to need to use a fixed-wing body in order to achieve the sort of range we’re shooting for with this plane. Now let’s do a few beh...

Powdered food for 2 weeks

2 minute read

I’d heard alot about Soylent (and Huel, in the UK) as a form of food that covers all your nutritional needs in just one powdered drink. Easy to make, cheap a...

My responsibilities towards my wife

less than 1 minute read

In this verse, the Quran demonstrates the responsibilities of towards women, from which I glean the lesson of how to treat my wife.